When You Are Ready to Recover

Post-Rehabilitation Support & Care

Receiving professional treatment gives you access to a highly structured environment, removing temptations from interfering with your addiction recovery. Once you leave treatment center, however, all that structure is gone and you may be left wondering how you can resist temptation while maintaining a productive life. 

At Connecticut Sober Living Facility, our aftercare programs are designed to give you the best of both worlds. You get the structure and support of an addiction treatment facility with the freedom of daily living. Social and medical advice from our treatment providers help you develop the routines and structure you’ll need to succeed in everyday life while you remain in an environment that allows you to focus on your recovery.

You’ll get the opportunity to create your own new, beautiful life free of the drugs and alcohol that plagued you before treatment process. Fellow residents provide support in form of support group, when you need it most, and the relationships you build within our walls can sustain you once you’ve left our facility.

At Connecticut Sober Living, we’re not just another part of your recovery plan. We’re family where we provide relapse prevention in long term to people in recovery. 

We're Here To Help You Get Better

Life after rehab can be challengning but we’re here to help! We are an alcohol and drug-free transitional living environment where we provide treatment program for substance abuse and drug abuse to recovering addicts. Each resident is given individualized attention and goal-setting, and we help you build a successful life for the future. You’re never rushed out the door at the Connecticut Sober Living Home. Our residents stay as long as they feel necessary to be set up for success in relationships, work, daily activities, and a substance-free life.