When You Are Ready to Recover


About Our Residence

When you first leave treatment, it can quickly feel as if you are completely alone in the world. While you may have friends and family who support your new sober lifestyle, no one can be there for your 100 percent of the time, helping you avoid temptation and work to rebuild your life. At the Connecticut Sober Home, you are surrounded by a community of people who know where you’ve been and who support where you’re going.

We are an alcohol-free, drug-free facility dedicated to helping former addicts rebuild their lives without the temptations of the outside world. We don’t allow any addictive substances inside our substance-free residence, allowing you to fully focus on your recovery.

During your stay, our staff will help you establish healthy boundaries and relationships, set goals for life. If you require the help of a mental health professional or vocational counselor, we can help you find one to suit your needs. We aim to help our residents succeed in whatever they set their minds to, and we have a network of skilled professionals who can be of assistance at the point where our experience ends.

You will participate in group meetings and educational programs to learn alongside those who are facing the same challenges you are, using the other residents as models to build the life you want. We offer group social activities and communal sharing of chores, helping you forge connections with the other residents.

We're Here To Help You Get Better

We are an alcohol and drug-free transitional living environment. Each resident is given individualized attention and goal-setting, and we help you build a successful life for the future. You’re never rushed out the door at the Connecticut Sober Living Home. Our residents stay as long as they feel necessary to be set up for success in relationships, work, daily activities, and a substance-free life.