When You Are Ready to Recover

Frequently Asked Questions

Our transitional residential facility is for anyone who recently has left an inpatient or group rehab facility and who needs a little extra assistance returning to daily life. We can help make that big change a little easier by providing companionship, coaching, and security at a time of great uncertainty.

We know how difficult it can be to get back to your old life now that you’re committed to making healthier choices. Each member of our recovery community – staff and residents alike – wants to see you succeed in your newfound sobriety. That’s why we try to create the most supportive, helpful environment we can to set you up for success. This includes coaching and support to develop healthy eating and exercise habits as well as daily routines.

We believe everyone deserves equal access to the support we offer at our abstinence-focused community home, so we keep our costs competitive and affordable.


You can expect to pay about the same amount to live at our substance-free home that you would in an independent apartment in the Connecticut area, except we don’t require a security deposit and all furnishings are provided. We ask you to pay rent on a month-to-month basis, no leases or contracts, and you can stay as long as necessary to get back on your feet.

Just as your recovery journey will be unique to you, so will the amount of time you reside at Sober Living Homes Connecticut.

Some of our residents stay with us more than half a year, while others only need a few months to feel confident in their transition. Take as much time as you need to get prepared to build a successful life outside our sobriety community; you’ll never be pressured to leave us.

Whatever you need to succeed – vocational counseling and training, assistance finding housing, or a supportive community committed to your success – we help you achieve it before striking out on your own. And if we can’t provide it for you, we find someone who can. Our staff have connections with psychiatrists, psychologists, medical doctors, and vocational coaches throughout the city.

We're Here To Help You Get Better

We are an alcohol and drug-free transitional living environment. Each resident is given individualized attention and goal-setting, and we help you build a successful life for the future. You’re never rushed out the door at the Connecticut Sober Living Home. Our residents stay as long as they feel necessary to be set up for success in relationships, work, daily activities, and a substance-free life.