When You Are Ready to Recover


It is incredibly difficult to watch a loved one struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. You can feel as if you’ve said the same things over and over, made the same pleas, but it’s falling on deaf ears. You may feel helpless while watching your loved one slide farther and farther into addiction. As a last resort, you may be considering an intervention to show your loved one the depth of your concern and how much his behavior is impacting those around him.

An intervention can be a powerful tool for helping a loved one get the help he needs to overcome an addiction. Hearing from family, friends, and other caring individuals about how his behavior has impacted them may be just what your loved one needs to finally seek help and break the cycle. 

While interventions – which gather those who care about your loved one to discuss how his addiction impacts each of them – can be an important step in starting the recovery process, they can backfire if done incorrectly. Because of this danger, we refer you to experienced intervention professionals if you require this service.

These intervention professionals can help you talk through your decision, figure out what to say to your loved one, and keep the conversation focused. Contact us today to learn more about the intervention professionals we recommend.

We're Here To Help You Get Better

We are an alcohol and drug-free transitional living environment. Each resident is given individualized attention and goal-setting, and we help you build a successful life for the future. You’re never rushed out the door at the Connecticut Sober Living Home. Our residents stay as long as they feel necessary to be set up for success in relationships, work, daily activities, and a substance-free life.